School Curriculum

Medium of Instruction

Cantonese will be the major medium of instruction, with English and Mandarin as supplements.

  • To nurture a balanced development in children’s moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual domains.

  • To develop children’s ability in language, thinking and creativity.

  • To enhance children’s interpersonal skills through diverse learning and teaching activities.

Curriculum Design

We have designed an appropriate curriculum according to the Education Bureau’s “Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide”. We focus on  children’s interests, ability and development using a spiral learning approach.

Learning Areas
  • To nurture children’s intellectual development

  • To nurture children’s language development

  • To nurture children’s physical development

  • To nurture children’s social and moral development

  • To nurture children’s aesthetic and cultural development

  • To nurture children’s spiritual development

  • To nurture children’s affective development


Modes of Learning
  • Learning through play

  • We guide children to learn languages, general knowledge and mathematical concepts, we focus on using group activities and a thematic approach so that they feel learning is fun.

  • Our teachers base activities on children’s life experiences and arrange different activities and games, such as nursery rhymes, stories, arts and crafts, sings along, movements and games to inspire thinking and creativity.

  • Site visits are regularly organised to enable children to learn from first-hand experience. Destinations include the Hong Kong Science Museum, the Hong Kong Space Museum and farms.

  • We have also arranged fitness instructors to teach children different motor skills, contributing to their all-round development in music and sports. 

  • Mandarin and English teachers are also hired to arouse children’s interest in languages.

Learning Experiences Assessment
  • To continuously observe the children’s performance and evaluate them so as to keep track of their learning progress and facilitate communication.